Aerial impression of the new Norwich Speedway site

After almost 50 years Speedway is coming back to Norwich!

It took 64 years for the Olympics to return to England so we're delighted to finally be bringing Speedway back to Norwich inside the half century.

With a number of new tracks appearing around the country in the past few years of which 2 are being built and another in Bristol awaiting the go-ahead, plus of course excellent coverage by Sky, the future of the sport in this Olympic year looks exciting.

Speedway in the city of Norwich has a rich and colourful history that has allowed it to develop a large and passionate following. The local team, the Norwich Stars, had an illustrious history between 1931 and 1965 based at The Firs stadium on Aylesham Road.

We want to bring back and build on that sporting excellence displayed by world-class riders such as Ove (The Fox) Fundin. The New Firs Stadium will be constructed on the Royal Norfolk Showground to develop the rich diversity of events held each year at this important leisure destination.

For the Norwich Stars the goal is obviously to recreate a little of the pre-eminence of yesteryear by building a new fan base, winning rapid promotion to the Elite league and once again giving the people of Norwich the fun and excitement of one of our favourite sports. No-one is suggesting it will be easy; but if the staff and stars of the new team work hard and capitalise on the undoubted initial interest that will be generated, then the people of Norwich will all benefit from the enjoyment of Speedway.

Find out about the History of Norwich Speedway and our Proposals for this exciting new sporting experience for Norwich. You can get the latest updates about Norwich Speedway and pledge your support for Norwich Stars via our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

You can download the full proposal here (3.5mb, pdf viewer required).